An organizer, A mentor for young people. Born and raised in the Back of the Yards community!


Supporting education and innovation through the 15th ward. 


Public Safety

Addressing problem buildings that pose a threat to residents, clean up the graffiti in our streets, and invest more city resources to tackle the root causes of violence.

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Education & Employement

Investing in our public schools, after-school programs, and in making sure that educators and our students have the resources they need to succeed. Increasing employment opportunities for young people and neighborhood residents will be key towards addressing violence at its root: poverty.

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Mental Health

We need to invest city resources into creating a trauma-informed community, increase amount of social workers in schools, and open up more mental health clinics in our ward.

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Clean streets are safe streets. We can beautify our ward by filling up the potholes, making sure that our streets are well-lit, ridding ourselves of the rats in our alleys, and organizing weekly community cleanups.

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Making our community a better place.

"My work in the community has led me to the realization that not only do we need to take our work to the polls, but also have someone on the ballot that truly represents our community!"


Friends and family of Berto Aguayo


Be a part of something great.